Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Creative Team Call

We are looking for around 10-12 dedicated UK scrapbookers for a new project...

The UK is a really small fish in the large pond of scrapbooking, and perhaps sometimes we feel a little overlooked.  We want to recognise and showcase the UK scrap scene, UK designers and UK manufacturers, both small and large.  Our plans include increasing the number of UK scrapbookers and showing the world we have a huge amount of talent to share.

How?  Well, we are open to all ideas and suggestions – email us at – but we are currently planning a three point plan of attack, namely a YouTube channel, a blog and an Instagram account.  That is where you come in my UK scrappy friends...  

Can you commit to one or two blog posts a month?  Can you commit to one or two videos a month?  Are you a social media whizz who would love to run our Instagram account?  Would you like to be featured as a guest designer on either the blog or YouTube channel, or both?  

The only requirement is that you are a UK scrapbooker and keen to grow scrapbooking in the UK.

Drop us an email at telling us what you can offer.  Include your name, address, and social media accounts (blog, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or others; you don’t need to have an account on every platform!)   

We hope to be up and running in March 2017 so if you want in from the start email us soon!  The deadline for the initial call is 23rd February but we are always happy to receive communication from anyone interested in joining us.


  1. Yay! What a great and worthy project idea! You're right - we need more scrappers in the UK. I've seen so many hang up their scissors or move onto sewing, etc.

  2. Sorry to butt in, someone sent me your link. There are thousands of devoted and dedicated scrappers in the UK, and the UK is actually quite a big fish in the market as the US exports a HUGE amount to us over here :) Pop over to the UKScrappers forum where you will find lots of like-minded people. :)

    1. We are fans of UKScrappers and are not trying to compete or take away from them. They are a forum and we will be a YouTube/Blog/Instagram presence.

      We know there are thousands of devoted scrappers - we count ourselves amongst them - we aim to pull them all together and showcase them.

  3. I've applied although I only.just found out about you guys x

  4. only just found out about this, hope its still ok to apply x

    1. Our team is full for now but we are looking for guest designers... please drop us an email!


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