Tuesday, 23 January 2018

New Suit | Lisa-Jane Johnson | Sketch

Hi lovelies!  It's Lisa-Jane here from Pretty My Page with my layout based on the sketch for this month.  I love using sketches to get me started and I really liked this sketch from Page Maps.  Sometimes I just use them as a starting point and end up quite far removed from the original and sometime I might flip them around or upside down depending on the orientation of the photo I want to use.  With this one though, I deliberately chose photos that worked the same as the inspiration as I wanted to see how closely I could stick to the original sketch.

I’ve been trying to work on older photos and to fill in the many gaps in my albums with the intention of setting up some sort of system.  I don’t scrap chronologically but I do file them chronologically and I have 2 albums for each year (plus extras like Christmas and holidays etc)  This means that I have some albums that are bulging and others that only have a couple of layouts in.  I also have a drawer where I keep my photos (allegedly in rough date order) but again there are a lot of gaps.  I need to put the groups of photos next to their associated albums and then cross reference them with the various computerised files to see which ones I still need to print.  This all sounds like a rather monotonous task doesn’t it?!  I’m hoping that I’m going to be inspired by new photos to scrap, ones that I’ve long forgotten about because for some reason they didn’t get printed at the time.  I’m due to have surgery repeated on my Achilles in a couple of months so this sounds like a perfect job for when I’m laid up!

These two pictures that I’ve used here are actually 11 years old and they are rubbish quality because they were some of the first I took with a digital camera.  It was a few months before I realised how much you could affect the resolution of the pictures by altering them in the wrong way so most of my photos from my son’s early months are pretty grainy.  They are also really hard for me to scrap because I suffered so badly with post-natal depression. This means some of the journalling is pretty brief because I don't remember much of his first year.

Do you like using sketches?  Have you had a go at this one?  We'd love to see!

Go on, gather your stash, and make pretty pages.

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