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December Album | Niki Rowland | Festive Scrapbooking

Hey there, Niki here with you today and I'm sharing my take on 'Festive Scrapbooking'. I make a December Daily style album each year. I've done the same format for a few years now and this year is no exception. I use a 6x8" album and I complete all my base pages before December and then just add my photos and journalling as I go along in December.

Today I'm sharing four of my December Album pages, Days 21 - 24 and have made a proces video that you can see below.

My numbers are wood veneer shapes by Freckled Fawn and I've used these three times now to make my numbers. I did something different last year but this year I've gone back to these. However this is my last packet so I'll have to do something different next year! They come a numbers 1 - 31 and I simply back them with patterned paper or glitter paper.

When creating my base pages I create clusters and leave myself lots of space for adding photos and journaling.

Here are my pages for Christmas Day. While I only dedicate one single page to each other day, I always do two for Christmas day, with the page on the left being for a whole 6x8 printed photo. I've added the chipboard sticker 'Merry Christmas' and the theory is that this will sit on the photo itself - whether this will actually work ok or not will depend on the photo I take on the day.

Now onto the second part of today's blog post...I did the base pages above by mid-end of November (I like to be all done nice and early). The pages below however, were completed on the 11th December. The base pages had been done in November but on 11th December I sat down to add all my photos and to write in my journaling. I've prepared a process video which includes the making of the base pages above and the adding of photos and journaling on the pages below. You can view it below.

Adding my photos and journaling is a really quick process. I have done all the hard work already by creating the base pages so it is simply a matter of sticking my photos down and adding my writing!

This little page here is an added bonus. I had that gorgeous green tree acetate that you can just see a little bit of, in a 5x7 page protector but I had to put a piece of white card behind it as it didn't look right otherwise. So I have decorated the reverse of the white card and made it into an extra bonus page!

Here I have another bonus page. The page on the right is a piece of 6x6 paper from the FaLaLa Paper pad. I've made it double sided and added hole reinforcers and it sits directly within the book rings of the album rather than in a page protector. These can be added anywhere in my album but this works particularly well here as I have some additional photos for day 9.

And here is the reverse of this page. This brings me right up to date at the date of writing this/filming the video. Hurrah. And it didn't take very long at all.

I absolutely LOVE creating a December Album each year, it is my favourite project of the whole year and I'm alway delighted when it's finished, which is alway very early on in the new year. I find this way of working works so well for me and always results in a finished album.

Thanks so much for joining me today for this epic blog post and video! 
Merry Christmas from me xxx 

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