Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dream | Terri Morris | Mood Board

This month we were given a choice of working with two fantastic mood boards. As soon as I saw this pretty pastel colour scheme I knew it was perfect to go with the Cocoa Vanilla Studio 'Free Spirit' collection. It's an older collection and I am determined to use up some of my ever growing stash.

It was fun to scrap with limited supplies as sometimes I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I can choose from. It was nice to have plenty of embellishments to play with and no worry about using them up as that was my aim. I really like how this layout has a column of focus approx 1/3 in from the left side. There is more white space here than I usually do but I love the effect. gave the creative team a few items to give a try on this month's layout. I was sent some u-craft punch sheets. These are sheets of double sided adhesive that can be used with punches. I struggled to take the top layer off the punched out sticker to expose the adhesive but once I did and then added a layer of glitter it worker really well. I love the effect it gives with a few die cut embellishments layered over the top. 

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Happy Crafting!




  1. I love this layout, I've never though of leaving all that white space on one side - what a great idea!


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