Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Love Me Tender | Lisa-Jane Johnson | Moodboard

Hello lovelies!  It’s Lisa-Jane from Pretty My Page here with you on the blog today with my interpretation of one of this month's amazing mood boards.  Up until the challenges for National Scrapbooking Day I hadn't used a mood board to create a layout but now I've really got the bug and I absolutely love them!  When I saw the two that we had to choose from I automatically went for the one with the bright colours as I tend to scrap about my young children a lot.  Then I decided that the pink and mint one would work really well with the romantic papers I was using at the time and opted for this one instead.  Of course when I put my papers next to the mood board, it didn't work at all and I had to go back to square one.  

My starting point with any mood board is "what first strikes me?" and this one felt very much like a celebration - tinsel, bling, fringing, everything was saying party.  I was really excited about the fringing particularly as I had just taken delivery of some fringing scissors and I was desperate to try them out!  Then I went to my papers to see what sorts of things I could work with in terms of the colours and I found a Crate Paper - Paper Heart pad that I hadn't broken into at all and it fitted perfectly with the bluey mint and the pinky tones.  Next I went to my photo drawer and flicked through until I found something that would fit with the colours and still give me a sort of party feel.  

I came across some photos of my husband and I at the 70th birthday party for Fiona, Lady Montagu which had an Elvis theme (complete with guest impersonator and spectacular cake) and thought who better than Elvis to appear in a layout with fringing and bling!  Our own costumes were from Elvis's army days so went well with the caramel and gold that appeared in the moodboard.  

I decided on a crazy spur of the moment, that all my layouts for this event would feature lyrics from Elvis songs.  I had a big "Love" wood veneer so chose Love Me Tender which meant that I could get away with making a fringed heart!  I used the negative of a cut file from my shop and chose papers that would work well for thinner strips but that would still stand out on the pale pink background paper.  I cut the strips to size, folded the top edge over to give me a line to cut up to, and then adhered them on the heart beginning at the bottom.  Everything was going well until the shape started to get narrower towards the top of the heart because it was the joined area that sometimes needed trimming so there was nothing holding the fringe on.  After a little bit of bad language and walking away to get a cup of tea, I made it work.  

I mounted my photo on another piece from the same pad but I wanted something sheer behind it to reflect the wispy feel of the mood board.  I went back through my papers and found another pad I hadn't touched (can anyone ever have too much paper?  I think not...) and it was pad of sparkly pink and gold printed vellum!  This was definitely serendipity and I was so happy with how it all came together.  I may have even done a little happy dance :-)  I finished off with some pearly flowers, gold thread and gold buttons, added my title and called it done!

So the start of the month saw us sharing lots of rainbow inspired layouts and now we've had a run of the pastels / sparkly feeling ones.  Which "mood" has inspired you most?  We'd love to see!  As always, please don't forget to use the hashtag #UKScrapaddicts when sharing your work on Instagram and don't forget to show us on the Facebook page too.  This month there is the very special £50 prize from our sponsor All Things Sticky so that's definitely worth getting inspired for!

Now, go forth and make pretty pages!

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