Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hogwarts | Michelle Mills (UglyBugPlans) | Moodboard

Moodboards that contain bright and bold colours? Yes please! This months theme is totally up me street and I had just the photo I wanted to use. The strong colours in the photo meant that I couldn't just pick one of them as a back ground colour so it was perfect for a multi coloured back ground.

I used bubble wrap and ink pads to create the back ground and chose to frame my photo in white, it then made sense for my title and embellishments to be white too. The title was actually a happy accident, I had planned to stamp the word "Hogwarts" onto the actual background in black (seeing as I have no white ink or embossing powder), before committing I decided to test stamp it on a piece of white card stock and I really liked the way it turned out!

Enamel dots gave a lovely texture and I used 3 of each colour seeing as there are 3 main objects in the photo and 3 flower embellishments, what then drove me to try to use all the colours when placing the row of enamel heart I will never know and I soon changed my mind and used just the red, green and blue to match the centre of the flowers!

You can view the whole process HERE!

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