Thursday, 27 April 2017

Build Up To NSD

NSD is coming and we are getting excited!!

National Scrapbooking Day is the first Saturday in May, this year it falls on the 6th.

We've been working away over the last month and will start enticing you over the next few days with our sponsors - oh yes, there will be prizesSeveral!

Cool Treats I Michelle Mills I Sewing

OK, I am going to hold my hands up and confess to you all: this month's theme petrified me! I'm a paper crafter and even though I can thread a needle and I do own a sewing machine I've never used them on paper before. I've been watching and reading all the other posts this month for inspiration and this morning I bit the bullet and cracked out the sewing machine.

I chose a thread that matched one of the dominant colours that I intended to use and on my journalling card along with some coordinating ribbons. I must admit I used double sided tape to hold the ribbon in place while I machine stitched it. I actually really enjoyed the process and the finished look and I will definitely be using stitching on layouts a lot more in the future.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Week 12 - Pocket Pages I Sarah Toward I Sewing

Hi there.  

I'm sharing how I use sewing in my pocket page layouts today, and a little secret.  I don't really use sewing in my layouts, so this was a good challenge to encourage me to try something different.  I am super in awe of all those talented scrappers out there who use sewing on their layouts, especially hand sewing.  I have used a sewing machine before in my pocket page layouts, that's simple and looks neat, but hand sewing, hmmm.  Here's what I did...

I started by making a template on Pages (the word processing software on a Mac), my title cards are always four inches square, so I drew a box and then added the text in a font I liked, then I printed it out.

I cut my template out and stuck it to my title card with a little removable tape runner, the type I use rubs off easily when I finished.

I used a pokey tool I have from an Amy Tangerine hand sewing kit and set to work poking holes, tracing the letters on the template.  As you can see I did quite a lot of holes close together.

I actually skipped over a lot of the holes and did longer stitches.  I think I'd still be stitching now if I'd stuck with the original close together ones.  I'm quite pleased with the end result of the title card, the stitching adds a nice texture to my layout, and you can't see the extra holes as the longer stitches cover them up.  I just used washi-tape to secure the loose threads on the back of the card.  I used some cheap embroidery thread I picked up in the sewing section of my local supermarket.

To tie in the stitching on the rest of the layout I stitched some simple 'X' stitches on a few of the cards, almost looking like I've sewn the photos to the cards.

I really like the texture and dimension that the sewing has added to this weeks layout, I think I'll even use the technique again in a pocket page spread, but I won't poke so many holes.  For my layout I used a mixture of Crate Paper, Chasing Dreams papers, and journaling cards from Allison Pennington's, Tweet collection.  Some ephemera from Becky Higgins Project Life, Project 52, Fresh addition, and washi-tape from my stash.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting us UK scrappy girls, we really appreciate your support.  I'll look forward to sharing some fun with you on National Scrapbooking Day, see you all then.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Project Life Natureland | JessClaire Creates | Sewing

Hey guys welcome back, it's Jess here and I am so happy you're joining me here to see how I use sewing on my layouts.

You can check out my process video on the UK Scrap Addicts YouTube channel.

Now, full disclosure, I am not skilled at sewing.  In the least. I was the kid in school who broke the sewing machine needle in half during textiles.  Maybe I'd be better if I tried again now but partly; I doubt it and also, I just don't want to.

However I do like the look of it on layouts, it gives a different texture and is a sweet looking detail.  I didn't want to miss out on that.  I want to try all the things.

So I went for a faux stitching effect.  I practiced it on a 12x12 layout that I scrap-lifted and then using it in this project life spread on a select number of cards.

I haven't seen anyone else use this technique before, I saw a machine stitched layout and thought I could replicate the look.

For this I use a coloured pen (a fine-liner works well) to draw a rough hand drawn border, I tend to go for 2 slightly wobbly lines on each side.  I then go in with a black pen and draw dots spaced out evenly along the lines, and double them where the lines join.  This gives the look that the coloured lines are the threads and the black dots are the holes that the sewing has created.

Thanks for checking out my pocket page using faux stitching.

Don't forget to share your layouts with us over on Instagram.

See you next time
Jess x

Monday, 24 April 2017

Leave a Little Sunshine | Niki Rowland | Sewing

Hey there UK Scrap Addicts, Niki here with you today sharing a layout and video made with machine stitching. I love all kinds of stitching on my layouts and do a lot of hand stitching and machine stitching as well as faux stitching every so often too.

For the layout 'Leave a little Sunshine...' I went for machine stitching. I fussy cut all those scalloped strips from a sheet of Paige Evans Oh My Heart collection, trimmed them and stuck them down onto a white background sheet. I then ran each strip through the sewing machine, pulled all the threads through to the back of the layout and secured them in place, and then built my layout on top of my machine stitched background.

I have a process video of my layout for you to view: 


I hope you've enjoyed my stitched layout and the video on how I went about putting it all together and give machine stitching a go.

Happy scrapping xx

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Tell me a story... | SciFi Scrapper | Sewing

Hi everyone, Emma Marie (SciFi Scrapper) here today to share with you my latest layout for the UK Scrap Addicts!

This month are focus has been on stitching of all kinds, and I decided to use that on a layout about Mother's Day and the flowers I'd given my mum. I'd picked up the most amazing bunch of tulips for her, but they went through quite the journey before they made it to her. This layout focuses on her receiving the flowers and them looking lovely. The facing pocket page will be all about the reality of the situation and how they were somewhat battered and bruised by the time she received them.

I decided for my layout to do some watercolour tulips, and then hand stitch all around them to add detail. The stems I did in a subtle green that wasn't too overpowering, and the flowers I did in white, so that the watercolour could really shine.

I also used some wood veneer butterflies I've had in my stash for years. I was really glad to finally get them on a layout and love how they look with the flowers. They came as one piece so I did have to cut them apart, but I don't think you can really tell, and I think they look better scattered about the layout rather than in one solid piece.

Towards the end of making this layout I decided that it didn't look quite finished. I decided to do a running stitch around the edge of the layout in white, which not only helped make the layout feel more complete, but also gave me a handy spot for my journalling.

Make sure to pop over to our YouTube Channel to watch my process video of how I made this layout. :)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Long Lost Cousins | Laura Jane Thomson | Sewing

Hi friends, how are you all?

Today I am here with my monthly blog post as part of the UK Scrap Addicts creative team.  For April our focus was layouts which involved an element of sewing, this is not something I was familiar with as I have Fibromyalgia and as such, a lot of problems with my hands but I was definitely up for the challenge. 

Whilst looking through my extensive (make that 'way too much') stash of crafty goodness I came across something which I purchased a few years ago which was still in the packaging!!  A We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy kit with a couple of different adaptors.  So out it came. 

I had been thinking about scrapbooking this photograph for some time, it's a photograph of my partner with a six foot tall, metal gorilla sculpture which was taken in a garden centre in Scotland a couple of years ago while we were visiting my Dad.  I had a range of threads which included grey, black and blue so decided now was the time to try a masculine layout. 

This is a 12x12inch single page layout which has a strip of patterned paper stitched horizontally, across the middle of the page.  As this was my first try with my Sew Easy tool I decided to use a straight stitch, rather than anything too fancy to begin with.  

In the centre of my stitched panel I used a piece of self adhesive metallic mesh from my stash to compliment the metal sculpture in the photograph before adding my photograph which was layered onto four layers of pattern paper and some funky foam to add dimension. 

I finished this page with a few embellishments, some ink splatters, thickers for my title and a couple of small phrase stickers. 

My advice to anyone who has never tried sewing on a layout would be to just give it a try... you never know what will happen until you try it, if you like it great!  If it doesn't work for you then it's only a piece of paper and a little bit of thread.

As someone who has problems with my hands, I found the We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy tool really easy to work with, although I did use my pokey tool to go through each hole before stitching to make it a little easier but I'm quite happy with the result and would definitely try this again.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post, don't forget to check back regularly for lots of great scrapbooking ideas from the UK Scrap Addicts creative team both here on our blog and over on YouTube.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Cute | Beth Moloney | Sewing

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me for my first post as a team member for UK Scrap Addicts. As I'm sure you already know our theme for April is SEWING and the other girls have been producing some gorgeous layouts this month.

This layout turned out completely different to how I originally intended. I had decided to do a hand stitched background so I drew out a pattern with my Silhouette, pierced all the holes and literally spent 2 weeks sewing around all of the shapes (did I mention sewing is not my thing?!?) but then when I filmed the video only half of it was in the frame so I had to scrap that idea and start again.

I machine stitched a messy border around the edge of the white cardstock in pale blue thread...

I also added a few lines of stitching on the photograph where I knew I wanted the title and some embellishments to go...

Sticking fun foam under the photo and flowers helps give the layout some dimension...

The sequins and glossy stickers add some texture to the layout...

Make sure you head over to the UK Scrap Addicts YouTube channel to check out my process video and come back soon to see what the rest of the team has been up to!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Oh Those Toes | Lisa-Jane Johnson | Stitching

Hi lovelies!  Can you believe we are over half way through April already?  The good news is that this means it is nearly National Scrapbooking Day so that means there is a lot going on behind the scenes here at UK Scrap Addicts.  National Scrapbooking Day is on Saturday 6th May this year and we have a whole day of challenges, videos, chats and inspiration for you along with the chance to win some lovely prizes.  Maybe you'll be inspired by this month's theme of stitching on your layouts?  I've seen some really wonderful layouts from the other ladies highlighting different styles and techniques and I have another one for you today.
My intention was to use this cut file from my shop Pretty My Page and to stitch both the inside and outside lines to use with these photos.  Most cut files can be turned into stitching layouts on your Silhouette machine and I had done a few previously so knew it was quite easy.  However, for some reason, I like to call it a happy accident, the outer lines did a full cut and only the inner lines gave me my stitching template.  There are a number of ways you can change a cut file into a stitching template - either by changing the solid lines to dashes, selecting perforate rather than cut when you select your cut settings, and even tracing the perforated image to give you bigger stitching holes.  There are some really good tutorials around the web on the different ways to create sewing patterns using cut files on your Silhouette Cameo and they are all quick and easy to achieve.  I won't lie though, the stitching itself is not quick.

In order to save a bit of time, I try and work out where I'm going to put the photos and only stitch the bits that won't be covered up.  The flower in the photo above was cut from the middle of the template but you can see the little holes that give you your stitching line.  This is the effect you get when you select perforate rather than cut - the dashed lines do go through the paper so you can stitch directly straight from taking it off the mat.  However, I do find it easier to use a pokey tool and just quickly go over the template again to make it easier to see.
You can see the difference in this photo between the dashed holes and my added piercings.  It makes the actual sewing much easier on the hands and the eyes, especially if you have something dark underneath your work to show the holes up better.

I'm really happy that I'm getting some use out of my collection of cross stitch threads and embroidery needle again.  I split the skeins into 2 sets of 3 threads for most of my paper stitching and keep the lengths to about wrist to elbow measurement.  
With this much stitching you need to have a decent weight of cardstock so that it stands up to being handled well, especially if you have a partially cut design like these flowers.  It does take a fair old while to complete the stitching but I tend to do it in stages and I always have it with me so I can do bits here and there.  You can often see me in the car at school pick up time stitching away, or sitting chatting to friends with my head down!
I actually didn't stick much of the design down in the end because I liked the way it looked with the extra dimension from being handled.  I used large glue dots on the odd petal here and there trying to avoid smooshing it down too much so that I could take advantage of the shadows and added texture.
Now that I've got myself a little bag to keep with me, I can see me always having a stiching project on the go.  They may not be the quickest layouts to do but the effort is well rewarded by the extra details in the finished layout.  Just make sure to keep it in the bag when you are eating and drinking... #askmehowIknow ;-)

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Blooming Bunnies | Roxy (@scrapbunny) | Sewing

Hello lovelies, how are you all doing?
Today I'm showing you my layout based on sewing.
I have been sewing for around four years, but when I started scrapbooking I never thought to merge the two. I only found out people used both when I joined a Facebook group. Since then I've been trying it out, however, most layouts have been a fail!

For my layout, I decided to scraplift a previous layout I had done. I cut out strips of paper from the 'Blooming Lovely' collection by Dovecraft. The strips are two inches tall and layered them across the page. Once stuck down I sewed across the lengths of the strips to add texture. Sewing is one of my favourite mediums for adding texture, its light in colour but also draws the eye in. 

It's so easy to sew onto your scrapbook layout if you have a sewing machine. 
It goes through mine with no struggle! 

Unfortunately, this collection didn't come with any die cuts, so I chose some from my stash. However, they match the colours of the collection beautifully. 

The 'Celebrate' thickers by American Crafts made the perfect title 'Has she got more?!'.

Here is my finished layout. 

I also created a process video on the Uk Scrap Addicts channel showcasing my process and explaining how it came together in more detail. Why not take a look? 

Thanks for visiting! See you next time!!