Tuesday, 25 April 2017

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Hey guys welcome back, it's Jess here and I am so happy you're joining me here to see how I use sewing on my layouts.

You can check out my process video on the UK Scrap Addicts YouTube channel.

Now, full disclosure, I am not skilled at sewing.  In the least. I was the kid in school who broke the sewing machine needle in half during textiles.  Maybe I'd be better if I tried again now but partly; I doubt it and also, I just don't want to.

However I do like the look of it on layouts, it gives a different texture and is a sweet looking detail.  I didn't want to miss out on that.  I want to try all the things.

So I went for a faux stitching effect.  I practiced it on a 12x12 layout that I scrap-lifted and then using it in this project life spread on a select number of cards.

I haven't seen anyone else use this technique before, I saw a machine stitched layout and thought I could replicate the look.

For this I use a coloured pen (a fine-liner works well) to draw a rough hand drawn border, I tend to go for 2 slightly wobbly lines on each side.  I then go in with a black pen and draw dots spaced out evenly along the lines, and double them where the lines join.  This gives the look that the coloured lines are the threads and the black dots are the holes that the sewing has created.

Thanks for checking out my pocket page using faux stitching.

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See you next time
Jess x

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  1. definitely going to try the fake sewing technique, I use fake stitches, but think this looks loads better :)


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