Monday, 30 October 2017

New Door | Lisa-Jane Johnson | Letter Stickers

Hi there, it's Lisa-Jane from Pretty My Page with you today, just about sneaking in before October is over!  We're beginning to think we've been hexed here at UKSA HQ as so many of us have had or are having, serious technical issues and I fear some bad words may have been uttered by some of us...
Anyway, letter stickers...  I've seen some great things done with cut files being filled in with odd letter stickers so I took inspiration from those.  This technique works really well for layouts about learning, school, writing etc and old number stickers can be used too.
I started with some pictures of my children  in their school uniforms and also with that paper that you can just see peaking out at the top of the photo.   It seems compulsory to take "Back to School" photos outside the back door and as we had recently moved house, this was the first one we'd done in this location - hence the title "New Door".  
I found some letter stickers that worked with their uniform and I chose a set that was on it's last legs in terms of what words I could make from them!  I worked out where I wanted my photos to go and started randomly placing the letter stickers in the space underneath.  There were two colours in this particular set and there was enough of the wood effect letters to make the title so I kept those to one side and started adding in the rest among the blue ones.  It gives a better effect here if you run some of the letters off the edges so that it looks more natural and helps to make the background look more like patterned paper with letters on.
The background paper I had used was one from my "oops" bag which is my stash of papers that I don't like / have gone off  / have got ruined in some way.  I use these whole single sheets to make sure my finished layout stays at a square 12x12 when I'm adding pieces together to create my base layer.  It just so happened here that this sheet went really well with my chosen teal and mustard coloured paper and fitted the theme of the school layout so even though I didn't particularly like it, it worked really well for the bottom section and I didn't mind wasting the rest under the remaining areas of the layout.  Those who know me are laughing because I really really don't have a shortage of paper so I don't really need to keep and use bits that I don't love in order to stretch the many many sheets that I adore!

I wanted to lighten up the layout slightly so I added in some off white graph design paper which was on the back of the quatrefoil paper.  In keeping with the theme I used a notebook punch to add a bit of interest and texture at the bottom of the photos.    Then I added some embellishments including wood veneers and enamel dots from the Pretty My Page shop, popped a note of journaling next to the title and called it done.

Don't forget to tag us with any of your creations - we really want to celebrate each and every UK scrapbooker and give you all a big cheer!  Next stop is November!!  Yikes!
Now go forth and make pretty pages!

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