Saturday, 6 May 2017

NSD | Scrapbook Whispers

We decided to have a little fun... Maria made a layout and sent it to Laura.  Laura scraplifted it and sent it to Emma C.  Emma scraplifted Laura's version without seeing Maria's version and then sent it to Beth.  On it went until it had travelled around most of the creative team.  It then went to Lisa from Lollipop Box Club and finally back to Maria to scraplift.

Here is the evolution of the layout...

Isn't it fascinating to see how it has evolved?

How can you join in?  How can you win?

Lollipop Box Club have one kit to give away to one person who scraplifts any of the above layouts.  All you have to do is make a new layout based on our 'whisper' and link it up below.  Link closes on Sunday 14th May at 9pm


  1. Love love love it. So much fun!

  2. Hi I was going to add a link but am i right in thinking you have to do it from a blog????

    1. Sorry Lyn, only just seen this. You needed to have a url - i.e. the photo needed to be published somewhere on the internet to be able to link it up. We will be simplifying this for our future challenges! Thanks for playing along, I've included you in the draw.

  3. Haven't been able to link up from Instagram but here's my page


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