Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Happy and crazy girl | Maria La Chica | Monochrome

Hello again everyone!

Yes, it is Maria with you again! It is May, a brand new month and also when we introduce the new design team to the group! You can see the new team in this post. I hope you join me in welcoming them to the team! But a new team means a new schedule, so I am now at the beginning of the month rather than at the end.

So this month's theme is Monochrome. We had a bit of an internal discussion beforehand trying to figure out what monochrome really means as some people had different ideas. We reached the agreement that we can do a couple of different things: we can either choose a colour and use different shades of that colour, or we can choose black and white with an accent colour.

And that's what I've done! As you will be able to see in my page below, I have gone for a very neutral background in grey, with B&W papers, and then an accent of pink-ish coral.

The papers are mainly scraps from a 6x6 pad by Simple Stories - DIY boutique. It is an old collection, but I am sure it can still be found in some online shops. It is a very versatile collection, with tons of basic colours.

The embellishments are from Felicity Jane. Unfortunately, Felicity Jane is an American company that is very difficult to get hold of in the UK. You have to order directly from them and the shipping costs and taxes are not cheap. I have bought a couple of collections, but from UK second hand shops, which makes it so much more affordable.

The photos I have used have quite a neutral colouration, so I was quite lucky to be able to choose any accent colours that I wanted. I happened to have the most embellishment pieces in this coral/pink-ish colour, so that's the one I went for (plus it is my daughter's favourite colour...)

For the title I used the "happy" word from Felicity Jane, alpha stickers by Tim Holtz (which are back in stock at Hobbycraft! yay!) and the word Girl from the Girl Squad collection thickers.

And here is my process video, so you can see how I struggled to repeat the paper positioning that I had originally come up with!! :P

Thanks for joining me today, and read you soon!

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