Thursday, 4 May 2017

Now and then | Maria La Chica | Sketch

Hello everyone and welcome once again to UK Scrap Addicts!  Maria here with you today, sharing a layout that was not easy...  Sometimes even the most seasoned scrapper struggles, so this one was one those layouts that started as one thing and ended as something completely different!

For this layout I wanted to use Susan's double page sketch, however, I had this idea in my head to make it work as a single page layout.  So with a certain degree of "artistic license", I have interpreted it a bit and I think in the end you can still see where I got the inspiration from.  In fact, I think my second layout is actually more similar to the sketch than my first layout was!

That is the beauty of sketches.  You can do pretty much anything with them.  They are a great starting point and you can follow them as loosely or closely as you want!

So here is my finished layout and the sketch it was based on:

So let me tell you a story. I don't believe in ghosts or supernatural beings, however, I believe there was some sort of entity preventing me from creating this layout. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. First, my cut file didn't cut well (my fault, I know), then I managed to stick some paper all crooked, and finally, I just wasn't happy at all with how it was looking... So I decided to start all over, but the problems didn't stop there! I accidentally put glue on top of one of my photos, and when I went to reprint it, my printer had run out of black ink! So the photo is not looking great, I will have to reprint it in the future... Oh, and I also had problems with the editing of the video! As I said, maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Anyway... I still managed to pull the layout through, I think :)

A few more closeups of my layout:

And here is my video. I hope you don't laugh too much at my struggles (I won't blame you if you do, I laugh at myself too!) and really wish you are inspired to create with this sketch!

Read you soon!

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