Sunday, 9 April 2017

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Hello, it's Kirsteen on the blog today. I'm here to share another sewing layout with you. Straight off; I. Do. Not. Sew. Material. Ever. but... I do sew on paper. Don't be put off if you can't sew a button (neither can I) but I love to sew on scrapbook pages. I hand sew my crafty projects. I do have one of those little sewing machines but it lives in its box unloved and unused.

I decided to sew on this layout because I wanted to add a border and a little depth, interest and generally make the page a little more tactile. Stitching is a great way to pull a load of elements together and to give a page some extra detail. I drew the border with a simple pencil and a ruler.

Can we take a minute to swoon over embroidery thread. I use a DMC Thread Storage Box, and spent a very therapeutic few days wrapping all of the treads around the DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins. Is it sad that this makes me stupidly happy.

I used a Bazzil Basics template to pierce the holes and a pokey tool to make the holes bigger. I use the thicker end of the pokey tool to ensure the holes are big enough for the embroidery thread.

Once I'd pierced all the holes I rubbed out the pencil marks. Make sure you don't brush any of the rubber shavings onto your page, especially if there is any sticky residue on your page as the bits of rubber will stick! 

I decided to go with a dark blue thread to bring my page together and to really make the border stand out against the grey wood grain background.Supplies are Simple Stories Bloom and Grow.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have been inspired to whip out your needle and thread or at the very least, buy yourself a pretty box and some floss bobbins :)

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  1. I love your layout Kirsteen! I have used thicker thread in the past but I found it hard to work with. I never thought of making the holes bigger first! Thanks for the tip :)


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