Thursday, 20 April 2017

Oh Those Toes | Lisa-Jane Johnson | Stitching

Hi lovelies!  Can you believe we are over half way through April already?  The good news is that this means it is nearly National Scrapbooking Day so that means there is a lot going on behind the scenes here at UK Scrap Addicts.  National Scrapbooking Day is on Saturday 6th May this year and we have a whole day of challenges, videos, chats and inspiration for you along with the chance to win some lovely prizes.  Maybe you'll be inspired by this month's theme of stitching on your layouts?  I've seen some really wonderful layouts from the other ladies highlighting different styles and techniques and I have another one for you today.
My intention was to use this cut file from my shop Pretty My Page and to stitch both the inside and outside lines to use with these photos.  Most cut files can be turned into stitching layouts on your Silhouette machine and I had done a few previously so knew it was quite easy.  However, for some reason, I like to call it a happy accident, the outer lines did a full cut and only the inner lines gave me my stitching template.  There are a number of ways you can change a cut file into a stitching template - either by changing the solid lines to dashes, selecting perforate rather than cut when you select your cut settings, and even tracing the perforated image to give you bigger stitching holes.  There are some really good tutorials around the web on the different ways to create sewing patterns using cut files on your Silhouette Cameo and they are all quick and easy to achieve.  I won't lie though, the stitching itself is not quick.

In order to save a bit of time, I try and work out where I'm going to put the photos and only stitch the bits that won't be covered up.  The flower in the photo above was cut from the middle of the template but you can see the little holes that give you your stitching line.  This is the effect you get when you select perforate rather than cut - the dashed lines do go through the paper so you can stitch directly straight from taking it off the mat.  However, I do find it easier to use a pokey tool and just quickly go over the template again to make it easier to see.
You can see the difference in this photo between the dashed holes and my added piercings.  It makes the actual sewing much easier on the hands and the eyes, especially if you have something dark underneath your work to show the holes up better.

I'm really happy that I'm getting some use out of my collection of cross stitch threads and embroidery needle again.  I split the skeins into 2 sets of 3 threads for most of my paper stitching and keep the lengths to about wrist to elbow measurement.  
With this much stitching you need to have a decent weight of cardstock so that it stands up to being handled well, especially if you have a partially cut design like these flowers.  It does take a fair old while to complete the stitching but I tend to do it in stages and I always have it with me so I can do bits here and there.  You can often see me in the car at school pick up time stitching away, or sitting chatting to friends with my head down!
I actually didn't stick much of the design down in the end because I liked the way it looked with the extra dimension from being handled.  I used large glue dots on the odd petal here and there trying to avoid smooshing it down too much so that I could take advantage of the shadows and added texture.
Now that I've got myself a little bag to keep with me, I can see me always having a stiching project on the go.  They may not be the quickest layouts to do but the effort is well rewarded by the extra details in the finished layout.  Just make sure to keep it in the bag when you are eating and drinking... #askmehowIknow ;-)

Bye for now.

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