Wednesday, 21 November 2018

BBFF | Karen Moss | Stamping

Hello, hello - Karen here with my offering for the stamping challenge.

Now, I am not a stamper and I have only recently taken to using stamps but still lack the confidence to stamp onto a layout.

So for this challenge I put on my 'Big Girl's Pants' and made myself rise to the challenge.  I did cheat a little in that I used a Tim Holtz stamping platform as I felt more confident with being able to reink my stamps if the image was patchy and know that it would stamp on exactly the same place.

My layout is about my daughter and her best friend who she used to call her Bestest Best Friend Forever and this seems to be the case as they are still friends 17 years after meeting and each going to separate universities and now living 330 miles apart.

To see how I made this page I have a YouTube video here which shows the process that went into making the page.

We would love to see your pages with stamping on.

Karen x

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